Hey guys



Hello Everyone,

I'm just wondering if any of you guys would be interested in joining "Off The Crossbar" a general football forum that covers all things football. Off The Crossbar is made by football fans for football fans. Our aim is to unite football fans from around the world to discuss what we all love, football. We've only being open for a few months but we already have some great members and some really good discussion going on.

I know it's easy to take this as spam, and it is not right to join other forums and advertise, and I know it is an English speaking forum which may cause some difficulties, but I'm just a fellow football fan who is a member of a forum and is trying to get it big. Yes i know this forum is much bigger but every forum starts low so i'm not just asking any of you to join my but I promise you that it will be worth joining,

Our link: www.otc-forums.com

Thanks for your time, hopefully I can see you guys there!!!
Nice forum. I see, there are discussions about 1.FCK too, so I think we can tolerate your promotion for your forum.
Good luck!
Ya we have mentioned 1.FCK a few times, I myself am a Bayern fan
but respect other Bundesliga clubs a lot, it would mean a lot if you could join, it is a good community but it is swarmed with Premier League fans.