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1. How to register here?

2. How to log in?

3. How to write a message?

4. How open a new thread?

1. Which german buttons do I have to press for a successfully registeration?

First step:

Go to the main page http://www.roteteufel.de/index.phphttp://www.roteteufel.de/index.php

Second step:

On top there is a bar.

The second word from the left is called "registrieren" (= to register).

Click at "registrieren"!

Third step:

Click at the small quadrat under the long text and beside "Ich habe die Forenregeln". You accept the standard forum terms by this. Click the "registrieren"-button again.

Fourth step:

Now it's up to you. Beneath "Benutzername" you write your nickname.

Under "Benutzername" there are five more fields.

They are called "Kennwort" (="password"), "Kennwort erneut eingeben" (="repeat password") and "E-Mail-Adress(e)", "E-Mail-Adresse erneut angeben" (="repeat e-mail-adress").

And beside the graphik you have to write the numbers or letters.

(If you are not able to read every letter or number you can pres at "Grafik ne laden" -

another graphik will apear.

You have to fill in all those five surfaces.

You also have to fill in your date of bitrth beneath.

The months are listed from "January" to "December" - choose your month.

The same at the days...

Under "Jahr" (="year") you write your year of birth.

Attention: If you click the button "löschen" you "delete" your date of birth!

Beneath your dates of birth you can chose one option out of four.

The options are:

"Alter und Geburtstag nicht anzeigen." (= "Don't show age and birthday.")

"Nur Alter anzeigen." (= "Just show the age.")

"Nur Geburtstag- und Monat anzeigen." (= "Just show my birthday.")

"Alter und Geburtsdatum anzeigen." (= "Show my age and my birthday.")

You just have to click on "Registrierung abschicken" (="send registration").

Fifth step:

You got post. Watch your e-mail account, there should be an e-mail of "roteteufel.de", open it and click on the link. Now your registration is complete and you can log in.


2. How can I log me in here?

If you are at the fullsize mode, in the upper right corner of your screen there are two surfaces.

Beside "Benutzername" you must enter your "nickname".

Beside "Kennwort" you must enter your "password".

You can click at the box "Angemeldet bleiben?" (="stay logged in?").

Now just press the button "Anmelden" ("log in").

That's it.

3. I'm looged in, how can I write a message now?

First: You can write your message wherever you want.

But it would be the best (and most polite), if you just write in the threads of "International Lounge".

Not every member of this board speaks english.

And for sure many less speak french, spanish, or other languages.

Well, if you are in a thread where you want to say anything, you have three possibilities.

The first: Write something in the textfield on the bottom of the page and click "antworten" (="answer") if you are done.

Second: Click "Post reply". Here you can write, choose symbols and smilies and vary your styles of writing. Click "antworten" (="answer") if you are ready.

Third: You can quote a post you want to react at. Therefor press the "quote"-button of this very post. You come to the mask of option 2.

Now you can write your text over or under the quoted text.

4. None of the existing threads comes close to the topic I want to talk about.

Then (and just then
) you should open a new thread (internetenglish for "topic").

If you are in the forum (http://www.roteteufel.de/forumdisplay.php?f=106http://www.roteteufel.de/forumdisplay.php?f=106) click "new thread" (who guessed right?

Now do the same as you do in the second option of point 3.

Except that you have to name the new thread beneath "Titel:".

If you don't you will get an error message.

You should take a flag symbol to show in which language your thread is written.

If you don't, I do!


You cannot write in "closed" threads.

In this forum the threads "FAQ" and "Team 2006/2007" are closed.

If there are any more question, you can ask them now.

Have a nice time @ roteteufe.de!
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