Die roten Teufel?


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Hello guys,

I was wondering if any of you could help me out. I've been looking around the web to try and find out when the nickname Die roten Teufel was first used to refer to 1. FC Kaiserslautern, but have had no luck so far. Do any of you know, roughly? I know that the team traces its origin back to 2 June 1900, but when did they acquire the nickname? Additionally, have they always played with red and white colors?

If any of you could help me out or point me to a place where I can look this up on my own I'd be eternally grateful.

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The nickname was coined right after the war (Fritz Walter was in a team called the Red Hunters during WWII) and AFAIK they started playing in all-red in 1948, before that in red-white.

Sources for this are articles in the local newspaper (Rheinpfalz) and a couple of books on the subject.
Well it was told to me that the Walter Team with all the worldchampions in it was called like that because they were playing in red and played like devils... so it should have been in the early 1950s...

Why are you interested?
So obviously there is no connection for example to the "Red devils" of ManU or to Team Belgium...
... or South Korean National team.

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My book "100 years FCK" says that the first appearance of the name "red devils" was in 1950 in a anniversary paper.
According to wikipedia, it was first used before the war for a single match by the "Kicker" magazine, basically in a throwaway line because it didn't catch on. After the war there were some matches against 1860 Munich where the moniker found it's way into everyday use in the local area.
Thanks a lot guys!

This is a big help. The reason I asked was because I was wondering if it would be correct to refer to FCK as the "Red Devils" in a 1930s setting (don't ask). What I get from your answers is that it would be an anachronism, as the name didn't really come into use until after the war.