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I'm a Maccabi Haifa fan from Israel. Maccabi just signed Mohamadou Idrissou. It was written in the Israeli press that he is a good striker with some vice issues, but I would like to know what you guys really think of him, because us fans, we know our players better than any reporter, don't you agree?



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I think he is a very good strikter, but he is also a big self-exposer. He scored a lot, but he also had a lot of negative press (trouble with girls and bis landlords)

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Ramser Wildsau

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Pros: Tremendous striker, excellent headers, still fast for his age, good in infights and capturing the ball and ball-domination
, fun guy to have on your team, he likes joking with the rest of the boys.

Cons: Overly talkative to ref and opposing players, slow to get out of offside situations, a bit full of himself as he expects to be in the starting formation even after the occasional bad match.

He is always the target of hate for the opposing supporters.


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Alright mate, i will give you my opinion of "Mo". First of all he was one of the Best and maybe the most dominant striker of the second german league. He will give you 90 minutes of effort and work for the team. Inside the Box he is very dangerous If he gets good passes/crosses. He is at his best if he gets high crosses, because his heading skills are extraordinary.

His weakness is low skill with the Ball. He can't dribble too good, so he will not create a lot of opportunities for himself. He really needs other players to play for him.

And as everyone here in germany will tell you, he is not an easy character. He talks to the refs the whole game. Not disrespectful, but the refs that don't Know him might take it wrong.

He also has trouble off the pitch in his private life every now and then. But i don't think that this really matters, because it never effected his game.

Hope you get an idea.

We saw Itay Shechter here in Kaiserslautern. If he is/was a star in your league, "Mo" is miles ahead of him. Be Happy about him joining your team.

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In all his years in Germany he scored a lot - but every year he didn't at winter term.

If he had he might have been an important part to a Champions League Team.

Last period he also had many assists. He is not the fastest one but is running and fighting a lot, also defensive.

His main position is in the box but he can play the left wing very well, too. His technical skills aren't that good, but he knows where to go and scores often by head.

He is chatting with his opponents and referees nearly the whole 90 minutes and he always says what he thinks - and sometimes he should have thought more before saying.

If he is feeling well, he should be a great deal to your club. And winter is not as hard as in Germany.

I hope he gets time to play at World Cup and won't be injured.

We need a break in our team so he has to go - but I wish all the best for him and that he can make you proud of him, that's what he is playing for.


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Stats from German 1.+2.BL:

1.BL - 139 games / 27 goals / 14 assists / 4 red cards

2.BL - 164 games / 68 goals / 43 assists / 2 red cards


- knows his main job as striker (scoring goals)

- additionally able to produce decent amount of assists

- tall, physical player

- good at headers

- can play winger too if necessary

- funny guy, which can (but doesn't have to) be good for team chemistry

- sometimes "entertaining" interviews as he's not one of those mainstream, media-trained players


- usually lamenting a lot on the pitch + useless discussions with referees

- "loves" offside

- limited techincal skills

- sometimes looks as if he doesn't care at all (often during winter months which shouldn't be such a big problem at Israel)

- his big mouth / big ego got him in trouble more than once

- partly topic in tabloids with private issues (eg girlfriends)